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Dental Associates of Walpole is a multi-specialty group practice established in 1984 in Walpole, Massachusetts. The intent of the founding practitioners was to bring general dentistry together with every dental specialty to provide total oral health care for families at one convenient location. We strive to make your whole family’s trip to the dentist comfortable, fun, and stress free. It is unique to have a team of doctors that is able to collaborate in the assessment of your total needs, working together to make sure you receive excellent comprehensive care. Here at Dental Associates of Walpole we offer pediatric dentists, orthodontists, general dentists, a periodontist, an endodontist, and an oral surgeon all conveniently in the same office in the same location. We work to provide excellent dental care while respecting your individuality and valuing your total well-being.

A visit with Dental Associates of Walpole.

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