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This way today. That way tomorrow.

It was always such a simple thing, going to the dentist…. Make an appointment, show up, have your treatment, pay and leave. When I would bring my kids, I sat in the operatory and chatted with the dentist or the hygienist who was seeing them. Things were loose and relaxed. Oh sure, since the early eighties dental healthcare personnel have been wearing surgical masks and gloves and done an amazing job at infection control. But those things have been around so long it was seamless and easy. You never thought about it! Then BAMM! Covid-19 hit and all bets are Continue Reading

What is in a Smile?

Patients come through the doors of Dental Associates of Walpole daily searching for a brighter, more pleasant and youthful smile. Within seconds, they are requesting to get their teeth whitened. This would be the natural thought from a patient with this desire, but is it really that simple? Will it give them the results they are imagining? The answer is the same one I often received in dental school from professors… it truly depends! The way someone’s smile looks, feels, and functions can make a huge impact on their life. It can make you look and feel younger. Eating meals Continue Reading

New Frontiers in Dental Care

This month marks another milestone in technological achievement as a re-launchable commercial spacecraft, the Starliner, capable of carrying passengers into space successfully completed more than thirty orbits around Earth and returned safely. Remarkable achievements in science and engineering have become so common that we sometimes note them only in passing, yet these advances enhance so many aspects of our everyday lives. From applications and communication on our smartphones to the advances in healthcare that we and our families rely on, technology has opened new frontiers of possibility. At Dental Associates of Walpole, we keep on the forefront of developments in Continue Reading

Disney Tips and Helpful Knowledge from a Disney Mom

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope to share my Disney knowledge and help make your next trip as easy and seamless as possible! First, I would like to introduce myself and my family. My name is Kaitlin and I am one of the Registered Dental Hygienists here at DAW. I am married to my wonderful husband Zach and we have a beautiful son, Jackson. My love for all things Disney started at a young age, although I did not travel to the parks every year like my husband did. Zach and his family had an annual trip to Continue Reading

Seven Suggestions for Waste Reduction and Sustainability in Oral Care

Good oral health has always been a pillar of good overall health. Most prehistoric hunter-gatherer cultures subsisted on a tooth-friendly diet heavy in vegetables, nuts, insects and meats, and many ancient skulls show little evidence of tooth decay. With the advent of farming, modern societies became possible with a shift to grain-based carbohydrates and sugars. Studies tracing the bacteria in tooth plaque from the stone age through the industrial era show this worldwide dietary change resulted in widespread oral disease, and the advent of the need for good oral hygiene to achieve good oral health. Archaeological evidence can trace toothbrushes Continue Reading

Harvesting Good Oral Hygiene

Planting and growing my own fruits and vegetables have always been a passion of mine ever since I was a small child. To this day I always look forward to the spring season when the ground begins to swell, birds chirp, sun is high in the sky and your lawn never looks better. It also means that it’s time to churn the garden soil! You may be wondering why I’m writing a blog about growing fruits and vegetables on a dental website. What you may not know is that there are several fruits and vegetables that can be both healthy Continue Reading

Why is my child receiving a Fluoride treatment at the Pediatrician?

Healthy gums and teeth are important to your child's overall health. This is why your child's pediatrician will likely talk with you about good dental habits even before your child's first tooth appears. Part of that discussion will often involve the use or need for fluoride. Fluoride prevents tooth decay and strengthens the enamel of the teeth. It has long been established that children who have the advantages of fluoride and good oral hygiene habits stay free of dental disease. Good oral hygiene habits include proper diet, thorough brushing/flossing, and regular dental visits. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and Continue Reading

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

In 2005, when I landed a job at Dental Associates of Walpole, these guys were not my dentist. Actually, for the first couple of years of employment I would travel 40 minutes out of my way to go to the dentist I had always gone to because he knew me, my kids, my husband. You get it, right? And let’s face it, opening your mouth and letting a stranger, even if he or she is a dentist, look around is a very personal experience. Couple that with the fact that my favorite place on earth happens not to be in Continue Reading

There is no “I” in “Team”

Janet and I have worked together for nine years and are teammates in the best sense of the word. Teamwork is an essential tool for a busy work environment and collaboration between co-workers increases productivity, ensures that the department runs efficiently, and makes for a less stressful work environment. We support each other not only on day-to-day tasks in the office, but non work-related events as well. We feel very fortunate to have a great working relationship. Both of us have grown kids who are in the process of getting ready to, or have already, “left the nest”. Janet’s son, Continue Reading

Celebrating Heritage

People often ask me, where are you from? I suspect the reason I get asked is because, while I am proud of my command of the English language, I do have a subtle accent. I suppose that combined with my somewhat ethnic look and ethnic sounding name has people curious about where I am from. I am comfortable with my identity and proud of my background, so I really enjoy answering the question. I was born and raised in Brazil. In my years living in the US, 18 years in total, it has occurred to me that many Americans don’t Continue Reading

Project Stretch Update

In my last blog post I told the story of the origins of Project Stretch, Dentistry Reaching Out to Children. Since then Project Stretch celebrated its 30th Anniversary with a friendraising/fundraising Gala at the Framingham Country Club. Well over a hundred and fifty past volunteers, students, friends and family gathered to celebrate and fund our continued success. Our goal is to have Project Stretch continue to provide local and international outreach dental programs wherever needed. We are currently in Teacapan, Mexico, a small fishing village with no access to dental care. Our team consists of two pediatric dentists from other Continue Reading


Sitting in my sunroom looking outside, I notice the leafless trees, snowy ground, squirrels eating seeds from my birdfeeder, and the presence of neighbors’ homes. I long for spring flowers, warm weather and longer days. But I must patiently wait another three months for those things. This is winter life in New England. However, you can make a few modifications to your surroundings if you enjoy having and appreciating flowers during winter months. Below are some suggestions to help you get through the winter: Bring your flower pots inside and place them near south facing windows. Plants such as geraniums, Continue Reading

2018, what a year!

As we begin the new year and start looking forward to all the excitement that lies ahead, I can’t help but stop and think about what an amazing year 2018 has been. Aside from starting here at Dental Associates of Walpole, the highlight of my year came on September 1st when my now husband and I got married! That whole Labor Day weekend is honestly kind of a blur, but I really could not have imagined a more incredible and amazing day. Now that it has passed and the craziness has calmed, it could be very easy to forget about Continue Reading

Old Mémère’s Mittens

I find it kind of funny that nowadays upcycling is thought to be such a cool and trendy thing. During the Great Depression it was just plain necessity. The best example of this happens to tie in with one of my fondest Christmas memories. One of my earliest memories was how each Christmas my siblings and I would receive a new pair of hand knit mittens from my great grandmother, Old Mémère. The mittens were made from old woolen sweaters that had seen better days. She would carefully take them apart and roll them into balls of yarn. She would Continue Reading

Act Two

Born and raised in New York, I graduated from Clark University and then received my D.M.D. from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Following graduation, my wife Doris (who I met at Clark when we were both eighteen) and I returned to New York where I had been accepted into an oral and maxillofacial surgery residency program.  Upon my completion of my residency and now with two children, we decided to stay in New York and raise our family. I maintained my Tufts connection from afar. In 2005 I received a call from the Dean of the Tufts University School Continue Reading

In My Marrow

My older sister, Kelley, graduated high school and moved to Los Angeles for college in August, 2006. By September she knew something was wrong. She was covered in bruises, her gums were swollen and bleeding, and she was so unbelievably tired. She saw her school physician and was immediately sent to the UCLA Medical Center, where she was quickly diagnosed with biphenotypic leukemia. This means she had simultaneously developed two distinct types of blood cancer: acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) and acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Her prognosis was poor, but Kelley had no quit in her. She needed chemotherapy, total body Continue Reading

Better late than never

It is September 22, 2018, a full 6 months late of the self-imposed deadline that I had set to have my project completed and delivered to my granddaughter Charlotte. Better late than never, but I hate to be late. It was a cold misty Saturday in November (2017) when I decided to start construction of a dollhouse kit that I had purchased a few years earlier. All along I had planned to build the dollhouse and give it to my oldest grandchild Charlotte on her sixth birthday (March 2018), when I thought it would be age appropriate. I had completed Continue Reading

Charlie Goes Back to School

I never imagined my work day would begin heading off to a school with an oversized dog puppet (Charlie) in my car, to present good dental health habits to children. For over 25 years, Dental Associates of Walpole has offered an educational and fun, free program to the community known as the Smart Smiles School Program. I joined as the Community Program Presenter about 6 years ago and have enjoyed seeing all the smiles since! Last year I visited over 8,200 kids from twelve towns in the surrounding Walpole area. Smart Smiles Program travels to preschools, day care centers, elementary Continue Reading

Please Brush Our Teeth!

Did you know that by the age of 3, virtually all dogs and cats have some degree of dental disease? As a pediatric hygienist, I spend much of my time teaching parents the importance and how-tos of brushing their children’s teeth for them. Daily oral hygiene is essential in keeping their gums healthy and their teeth cavity free. Believe it or not, the same is true for your pets. You’re probably thinking, “Is she serious? How am I ever going to find time in my busy life to brush Fido’s teeth? You want me to stick my fingers in his Continue Reading

Dentistry on my Mind and in my Blood

My journey to becoming a dentist actually starts as a love story commencing toward the end of World War II. Louis Fisher and Leah Singer met in a Nazi Germany Concentration Camp. Louis Fisher was a dentist in what is now modern day Slovakia while Leah Singer resided in Poland. Meeting in a concentration camp is obviously not ideal but if you can find love there it must be powerful. As a dentist, Louis had a set of skills the Nazi’s found very useful. Without going into much detail, he was able to procure gold for the Nazis making himself Continue Reading