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When is the Right Time for a career Change?

When is the right time for career change? As we get older, we tend to become complacent in life. Especially when we have a family, mortgage, rent, car payments, etc. When you have all those responsibilities and people depending on you the mind seems to say, “just stay where you are for now”. Maybe you are waiting until the kids get through high school. Maybe we should wait until they graduate college and get their careers established. Maybe some medical issues arise or just hiccups in life make you stop and say “Not now. Now is not the right time to change. You’ll have your time. Someday”.

Maybe waiting is the right thing to do for some. I can only speak for myself on this issue. So here is my take on this…

At my previous job my goal was to meet percentage and sales quotas. Done well that would result in a really nice paycheck. And that made all those things I mentioned in the beginning very manageable. We were able to go on vacations, buy those shoes we really didn’t need, go out to dinner, and not have to plan ahead to make sure the money was in our account. Sounds pretty good… Huh? Well, does the phrase “Money can’t buy happiness” sound familiar? Let me explain... In making that really nice paycheck the hours worked were exhausting, stressing to achieve those percentages and quotas to maintain sales status. And the fear that if you fail you won’t be able to help provide for your family in a meaningful way can make you physically sick. As if all this isn’t bad enough, The WORST part is losing time with your family that you can never get back. But even knowing these things to be true you still tell yourself “It’s not time yet.”

I love my family more than I could ever express in words. My girls have grown in to such wonderful, strong women. And my husband is just the best in every way (I may be a little biased). So, by working like I did I think that was my way of showing them how much I loved them. But that life event I mentioned was the loss of my mom. And all I could think was that I was so lucky to have had so much time to spend with her and how happy she made me. Then it hit me… Money really does come at a cost. That was it for me. I know I needed to change my life. It was my turn to be happy with what I was doing every day. Now …. it’s time!

I was so scared and nervous at first but happily I had full support from my family. Come to find out they were just as unhappy the hours I worked and were concerned for my health and sanity (LOL). So, we all made some sacrifices. I took all my work experiences and love of working with people, updated my resume and began my search for the job. I had many demands. I wanted a 9-5 job where you are treated with respect with great coworkers, no weekends, holidays off like the rest of the world, and actually be able to call out sick if need be. So basically, no more retail.

Who knew it would be here at DAW. Three miles from home. My families’ own dental office. Here all my personal job requirements were met. Even though at the interview I wanted to jump up and say I want to work here. Please don’t interview anyone else. I made them wait a couple days after they offered me a job. Why? I have no idea.

Working here I can put to good use all the things I learned from my past work experiences. And I am always learning new ones to help better myself. I have made some great friendships. Being part of the local communities such as my hometown Norwood and living here in Walpole for almost 30 years gives me the pleasure to be able to relate to a lot of our DAW families that attend our practice. Why on earth did I wait so long?

Back to the original question, “When is the right time for a career change’? The answer is NOW. Don’t wait to be happy. Change is good.

By Diane Carter, Orthodontic Patient Coordinator

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