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How to Encourage Kids to Brush Their Teeth

We all know getting our young children to brush, never mind for the full two minutes, can be challenging. Whether it’s because they are still mastering their hand-eye coordination for brushing or they just do not enjoy brushing their teeth, thanks to technology there are many options for interactive and fun options to help promote…
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Is Diabetes Influencing Your Teeth?

Hello, my name is Melody and I work at the front desk in our Pediatric Department. You may have read my previous blog post; ‘Make Brushing Fun for You and Them’ a few months back! This month, I wanted to focus on a topic that is very near and dear to my heart, type one…
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How Long Do I Need To Wear My Retainers?

One of the most satisfying parts of working in the Orthodontics department is seeing the smile on a patients face after they’ve completed their orthodontic treatment. Is that it? Am I done? NO…you are not done. The next step is retainer use. Definition of RETAINER: a thing that holds something in place Think of all…
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As humans we learn at an early age to brush our teeth. Do you as a pet owner brush your pets’ teeth? Periodontal disease or “gum disease” is the most common dental condition in dogs and cats. By the time your pet is 3 years old, he or she will very likely have some early…
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When is the Right Time for a career Change?

When is the right time for career change? As we get older, we tend to become complacent in life. Especially when we have a family, mortgage, rent, car payments, etc. When you have all those responsibilities and people depending on you the mind seems to say, “just stay where you are for now”. Maybe you…
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Making Brushing Fun for You and Them

If you haven’t read our April blog titled Brush Away Toddler Decay – A Dental Survival Guide For Parents I highly recommend stopping here and reading it before carrying on. Our very own Sabrina Pereira gives you the best tips, tricks, and techniques for helping your toddler get into the groove of daily brushing. Today,…
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Why Are You Taking My Blood Pressure?

A few months ago a patient left me a voicemail. The message was an interesting one for a dental practice to receive. She said, “I wanted to call you and thank you. Your offices policy just saved my life.” When I called her back she explained her message. She had recently begun coming to our…
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As a mom you try your best to instill the best habits, behaviors, values, and communication skills with your child, but let’s face it, it’s not easy trying to get a toddler to listen or be attentive for long periods of time especially when it comes to “brushing teeth” and maintaining a good at home…
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Causes and Management of TMJ Pain

Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) are conditions affecting jaw joints and the surrounding muscles and ligaments. TMD can be caused by many different types of problems such as arthritis, trauma, an improper bite and even stress. Stress can play a big role in temporomandibular joint dysfunction as people are more likely to clench their jaw and…
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What happens during your child’s first dental visit?

Hi everyone! My name is Vanessa and I am one of the pediatric dental hygienists working here at Dental Associates of Walpole. Here’s a little background about myself: I have been practicing hygiene since 2015. I used to come here for all my dentistry needs throughout my childhood. I have a 3-year-old boy at home…
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