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How to Encourage Kids to Brush Their Teeth

We all know getting our young children to brush, never mind for the full two minutes, can be challenging. Whether it’s because they are still mastering their hand-eye coordination for brushing or they just do not enjoy brushing their teeth, thanks to technology there are many options for interactive and fun options to help promote better oral hygiene habits. Here are some apps to download that can help make brushing fun and help form good habits for life.

1. Brush DJ

This free app plays two minutes of music from your device, makes effective length of time less boring, works with manual or electric toothbrush, sets reminders to change your toothbrush/brush head every three months, brush twice a day, flossing interdentally every day and sets reminders for when to visit to the dentist.

2. Brush Up

Helps build habits by earning a collection of monthly cool prizes. Magic mirror puts your child right in the game with Budd, so kids can watch themselves brush. Kids can become the life-sized hero of the cartoon world by brushing Budd’s gunky teeth and earning stars that they can spend on game prizes. If you pay for premium version, you will get new prizes each month.

3. Disney Magic Timer

This app is only compatible with Oral-B or Crest Pro-Health stages product downloaded from your Google Play Store or on an IOS. As kids brush their teeth, hidden Disney and Marvel characters appear on the screen. The longer kids brush, the more prizes they can win for a magic album. This app keeps track of their progress and gives badges for every milestone they reach.

4. Aquafresh Brush Time

This app can be downloaded on your Appstore or Google Play. A fun app to show kids how to brush their teeth correctly with catchy songs and dances. There are Nurdle videos that teach kids valuable brushing techniques. Kids can earn reward stars after brushing for two minutes to purchase gear to dress up their Nurdle.

5. Tiny Dentist

Available on Google Play and iTunes. Kids play they dentist in this app and there are a large number of patients with dental problems. They learn about different instruments and treatments so they won’t be so scared during their trips to the dentist.

6. Chomper Chums

Designed to enable parents to help their child learn proper brushing techniques and to establish long lasting oral wellness habits. This app introduces kids to three lovable animal characters that the child gets to name and helps children reach all quadrants of their mouths when brushing. Kids can earn coins to purchase food items for their animals when they brush for the recommended two minutes. The app also teaches kids to select healthy food items for their animals because their food choices determines the health of their animal character.

7. Toothsavers

Save the fairytale kingdom with your toothbrush from an evil sorceress. Kids have two minutes to brush away the spell. Every few says you brush, you unlock a new toothsaver to brush with and if you brush for thirty days you will have a chance to defeat the evil sorceress herself. There’s also a two-player Toothsaver mode to keep the whole family clean.

8. Brush Teeth With The Wiggles

This app is great for your teeny beginner brusher. It features a video of the Wiggles characters and others brushing their teeth with a timer and the ability to add more kids so each of your children can earn their own rewards.

9. Pokémon Smile

Turn toothbrushing into a fun and exciting adventure. Kids are partnered up with their favorite Pokémon to defeat the cavity causing bacteria and save captured Pokémon. By consistently brushing you have the chance to earn over 100 adorable Pokémon. “Gotta catch them all!” Players are guided through the toothbrushing process, helping them brush all areas of their mouth. You can create reminders notifying players when to brush. You can have up to three profiles allowing multiple players and after each session you can pick up helpful tips on how to brush the best you can.

While technology can help with oral hygiene habits, the key is to be consistent with your brushing routine. I have a two-year-old son, Oliver, and I thought establishing a nightly routine with him would be torture. It was at first and he still has his days where he would much rather be doing anything else. But, because my husband and I are consistent with his brushing and flossing, Oliver looks forward to brushing. Most nights my husband and I tackle the brushing together where he holds Oliver while I brush his teeth as if he is sitting in the dental chair. Oliver is a big Toy Story fan and even flosses Woody’s teeth after he flosses his own.

It’s important to stay on top of your children’s oral health to prevent cavities. Try to establish a brushing routine early on for consistency. All of the apps mentioned above can help you and your family down the path of healthy oral habits. And, most importantly, remember to visit your dentist regularly.
Happy Brushing!


By Heather Freitas

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