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Smart Smiles

DAW_slider_pediatrics_4For over 25 years we have offered an entertaining, educational, free program to the community that teaches children what to expect at their preventive care visits. We bring puppets, games and lots of smiles while providing information in a fun way. We travel to preschools, daycare centers, elementary schools, libraries, and more because we believe that education is the key to prevention of dental disease!

We also offer a middle school program that is designed to complement your school’s health curriculum by addressing current issues teenagers are facing today. Things like the harmful effects of vaping, the importance of wearing a mouth guard while playing sports, and orthodontic options that teenagers might have questions about.

  • Many students come into our office completely unaware of the effects of vaping, and our program specifically talks about this latest trend with facts, photos, and hearing from our doctors.
  • Most sports injuries can be prevented, and we reinforce the importance of mouth guards to minimize the risk of trauma to the mouth as well as concussions.
  • By age 12, most if not all permanent teeth are in place, and our program addresses orthodontic options including Invisalign and traditional braces.

If you are interested in having us bring one of these programs to you, give us a call at 508.668.8008 ext. 229 to schedule.

For those children who have recently attended one of our Smart Smiles presentations, below is our contest entry form that Miss Liz told you about.

Smart Smiles Contest

We are so happy that you entered our Smart Smiles Program contest for a chance to win a battery operated toothbrush. Just fill out the information below! A name will be drawn on the last day of each month and we will contact the winner. Good luck!