Beginning March 1st, we will be emailing patient Billing Statements.

Welcome Hirshfield Dental Care Patients!

HDC+DAW_v2Welcome Hirshfield Dental Care patients! We are excited to combine these two wonderful practices to meet all of your dental needs under one roof at Dental Associates of Walpole. Dr. Hirshfield and his team and all of the doctors and staff at Dental Associates of Walpole have worked tirelessly to make sure that this transition goes smoothly for all of our patients. Your care is our number one priority, and it is our mission to bring you the best quality care and patient satisfaction that you are accustomed to and deserve. We have put together the below list of frequently asked questions and will be able to answer your questions by calling our offices at 508.668.8008, or by e-mailing us at We look forward to caring for you in 2021!


Will the Hirshfield Dental Care office in Medfield remain open?

Hirshfield Dental Care will operate out of the Medfield location until Thursday, January 28. On Monday, February 1, all Hirshfield Dental Care patients will be seen at Dental Associates of Walpole located at 1428 Main St., Walpole, MA 02081.

Will I see my usual hygienist for appointments?

Yes! You can see your same Hirshfield Dental Care hygienists and Dr. Hirshfield at Dental Associates of Walpole.

Will my dental insurance be accepted at Dental Associates of Walpole?

Yes! If you were in-network at Hirshfield Dental Care you are definitely in-network at Dental Associates of Walpole.  If you were not in-network at Hirshfield Dental Care, you may be in-network now!

What does this mean for my previously scheduled appointments?

We are working to honor all previously scheduled Hirshfield Dental Care appointments. There will be some adjustments as we make this transition, but we are doing everything we can to make them minor and not inconvenience patients.

Will there be a new name for both practices?

Dental Associates of Walpole will remain the name of the combined practice.

Will I have access to all of specialties offered at Dental Associates of Walpole?

Yes! All patients will be able to take advantage of our many specialties.

Who do I call to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

You can continue to use the Hirshfield Dental Care phone number, or you can also call Dental Associates of Walpole directly at 508.668.8008. The Hirshfield Dental Care phone number will redirect to Dental Associates of Walpole after February 1.

Who do I contact about billing questions?

All questions regarding your account and billing should be directed to the Dental Associates of Walpole patient accounts team. To reach out to patient accounts, call 508.668.8008 or email

What are your COVID19 safety guidelines?

Patient safety is our priority at Dental Associates of Walpole. Please review our Appointment Guidelines that outline appointment and safety protocols when visiting the office.