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The Birth of “Burn it all Art”

doreen3During COVID lockdown I found myself in search of something to occupy my free time, so I went back to my love of woodworking, crafting and creating. I searched for ideas to burn into wood and was having so much fun seeing where these thoughts would take me and what my next project would be. My sister, husband and niece tried to convince me to sell my wood art on Etsy and finally I gave in saying, “I will put one piece up and if it sells, I will open up a shop.” That piece sold within thirty minutes of going on Etsy and that is how Burn it All Art began.

Working with wood can be very tricky due to uniqueness of fluctuating grains, how hard the wood is, etc. I learn from these challenges and always look forward to seeing the finished product. I thoroughly enjoy working closely with my customers as they explain their “customized” piece. My goal is to be sure I understand what they are looking for so I can create their vision. The lockdown may have ended but I am so grateful that it inspired me to start Burn it All Art. Please feel free to visit my site

By Doreen Dow


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