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2018, what a year!

As we begin the new year and start looking forward to all the excitement that lies ahead, I can’t help but stop and think about what an amazing year 2018 has been. Aside from starting here at Dental Associates of Walpole, the highlight of my year came on September 1st when my now husband and I got married! That whole Labor Day weekend is honestly kind of a blur, but I really could not have imagined a more incredible and amazing day. Now that it has passed and the craziness has calmed, it could be very easy to forget about how much effort, stress, time and countless tiny decisions went into making sure everything went smoothly. So, before I forget (or consciously black out) any of the silly stresses that we went through before the wedding, I figured I would jot down some tips and give some pointers for anyone planning a wedding to reduce stress and anxiety and try to keep bridezillas (or groomzillas) at bay.

Most importantly, you need to constantly remember why you are planning this day and to try not to let the bumps get in your way

You are probably going to look at details most of your guests will never even see, so it’s okay to go with the vendor who has a lower fee.

Try to plan the big details like the venue or caterer as early as you can
that way you will have plenty of time to focus on all the little plans.

The Knot and Wedding Wire are great resources, use them and make sure to schedule time for you and your partner to relax, which will help keep your plans on course.

You and your photographer are going to be with each other a lot,
so make sure he/she has a personality you want to be around.

With a good home printer (or at Staples) you can make very nice DIY place cards and invitations. Ask for pictures of your venue at the same time of year, to get a better idea for decorations.

Go see the band or DJ play a live event and note if they can read the crowd. Depending on the age and seating arrangements of your guests, you may not want it overly loud.

You will probably get fed up with someone involved in the planning at one time or another,but try to laugh it off and know that you can’t always please everyone.

Make sure to come hungry when you taste all of different types of cake because it’s the best part of all the planning. Try as many kinds as you can for your own sake!

Finally, remember to smile, smile, smile and enjoy every moment while it lasts
because it’s gone before you know it.

By Samantha Tagerman, D.M.D.

(Photos courtesy of Zev Fisher)

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