Beginning March 1st, we will be emailing patient Billing Statements.

Appointment Guidelines

Updated 05/15/2023

We have updated our appointment guidelines for all patients to reflect the following:

Announce your arrival by texting our main phone number 508.668.8008. You will receive a text back once the clinician is ready for you, with instructions on entering the building. You will be met at the door by a clinician who will take you to your appointment.

Please note that patients under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian present upon arrival to sign any necessary consent forms.  We are not restricting who can attend an appointment with a patient.  However, please bear in mind our treatment rooms are very small and do not accommodate numerous people very well.

As always we ask that if the patient (or anyone that accompany the patient) is exhibiting any signs of illness, fever or has tested positive for Covid-19, Influenza or RSV, please call the office and reschedule the appointment.